Web Page Speed Optimization Service

If your website does not load in under 4 seconds you have a problem! Remember most users today are using mobile phones and sites will typically load even slower on a phone.

Furthermore, Google will actively promote faster websites and penalise slower sites loading over 6 seconds. We have an extensive website and ecommerce optimising service, which in compasses server, hosting os and website optimising. Our senior system administrators and senior developers will optimse your hosting and website so you are achieving that elite loading speed. Services also include, minifying, error repair, performance coding, image compression, cdn services, cdn resources, google speed optimising practices.


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What we do

SEO Website Accessment

Ever as yourself
I know I have an issue, but I’m not sure what it is?

Ordering a comprehensive SEO / Marketing Web Audit can be a great start to fixing the process. We will illustrate everything that is wrong and missing, benchmark your site against your competitors, Conduct Basic Keyword research, Performance analysis, Backlink profile, Social Signals Profile and we will provide a detailed list of areas that you can make rapid improvement on and how to do it. From there you can hire us to complete the work, key tasks or do it yourself.

What we do

Advance Web Analytics

What gets measured gets actioned. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone swear and declare something is happening or they are earning all their money from one source or method to then check website analytics and discover something completely different.

Firstly every website should have some type of Analytics installed (Google Analytics is just fine). Then goals and other advanced monitoring and integration should all be setup. Data should then be analysised before any money is spent on new online marketing projects. You must know what type of ROI you are getting for you online marketing efforts and analyics are the corner stone. Our services cover advanced setup of web page analytics and analysis.

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