Lead Pages and eMail Capture funnels

It was common practice to use your website as your only form of lead capture 5 years ago. Now, switched on digitised businesses utlitise highly customised lead pages to capture client details and sell products. Behind the scences they create structures sales funnels, which encompass automated emailing as the cornerstone of followup and sales materials. We will design and deploy these pages and systems for your business. The ROI on these processes is amazing, especially when combined with social PPC campaigns and webinairs.

Why use lead pages instead of your business website? The funny thing with social media and Google, they are fickle environments which seemingly change without notice or right of repuration. We have seen it before and been a victim, when what was perfectly fine to do for years is suddenly changed without notice and you find your domain is temporaily blocked or worse for what appears no reason. The real downside comes when you realise there really is no means to state your case or have the block/ban removed and yes that does include when it is a false ban. Therefore, lead pages are a fantastic way to protect your brand from having an oh no moment when you realise you have been completely removed and you have no way of undoing it…that is unless you know the Zuckerbergs personally.

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