Reputation Management

If we don’t have our reputations what do we have? Online a business or individuals reputation can be damaged in an instant and fester. Furthermore, sometimes malious activity can directly effect your SERPs ranking. Even just one negative review in; Google, Yellowpages, Truelocal, Yelp, Tripadviser can remove you from search engine results completely. Our reputation management includes, alert systems monitoring for negative posting, articles, reviews concerning your brand or name. If the worst has happened we will enact counter measures to remove, change, take legal action, investigate the source/reason or bury any negative listings/reviews.

On a more positive note, prevention and planning is always best. Creating review funnels, customer satisfaction surveys, processes and having suitable legal protection and all great means of stopping problems before they ever occur. The best news is creating these preventive measures is always a positive for your business in terms of; moral, customer statisfaction and of course search engine rankings and profits.

Review Funnels

Every wondered how that competitor got so many reviews? Before you jump to accusing them of dishonest practices, perhaps they have just setup an effective review funnel to feed your customers directly to give you positive reviews where it counts. Asking customers to leave reviews is not enough. Additionally, not all review websites are created equal. So reviews and review websites will positively affect your search ranking 10x more than others. Furthermore, just like Googles search a lot of these review sites and how they are ranked is based on algorythms, which can mean over supplying one review site could be ineffective or worse become a negative and get your penalised.

Businesses need to make it easy and natural for customers to leave positive reviews for your business. This can include the creation of review accounts and platforms where you have more control over quality and mediation, Creating easy links and processes to direct customers at the right time to leave reviews, Automated followup systems to harvest reviews and deal with any negative issues before it becomes a potential problem.

Google Maps and Google My Business Listings

If you want to ranking locally or have an effective click through strategy you must have a correctly setup Google My Business Page and Google Maps listing. We will set these up correctly for you and make sure all your other local citations and sync’d in exact detail so you are not penalised or sandboxed by Google (Sandboxing=Your rank is held low on purpose by Google due to incorrect or poor information affecting your trust factors). We can also create multi location map listings and clean up existing my business listings which are currently hurting your trust factor when customers search for you. When an effective Google My Business SEO Listing nothing can be more effective than a local three pack listing and a couple organic listings all on page one! Furthermore, voice searches from mobile phones are heavily dependent upon GMB listings and data to give results. Therefore, if you setup is missing or poor you will be excluded everytime, meaning you are giving away 25% plus of the market to your competitors without even a fight.

Link Pruning

When most businesses are fighting for backlinks it seems odd that other businesses actually need to remove backlinks doesn’t it? However, once your internet presense is large enough and you have your content publishing proceedures in place it becomes a game of quality maintenance. We will setup comprehensive monitoring and removal practices to keep your backlinking profile in top order, so your business will naturally keep its high ranking and reputation. This prevents malicous practices of keyword piggybacking, negative SEO backlinking and other ranking stealing SEO.

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