Social Media Management Services

Social media platforms are now the next big search engine, with many users adopting them exclusively for search to find services and products. Therefore, with such a powerful tool to interact directly with your customers, it is extremely important for a business to have an active and engaging presence through regular social media marketing (SMM).

We approach social media the same way we approach everything we do and that is on the basis of ROI (Return On Investment). When a client invests in building their social media presence through paid advertising, followers will increase along with profits. Like all effective digital marketing should be, social media is about ROI based on KPIs4 (Key Performance Indicators). What social marketing is not about is posting off target images for the fact of posting, with little to no engagement from your followers. Each post should have a goal and target audience in mind. This should follow with quality analytics, lead capture and follow-up system.

Our Social Platform Marketing Services are aimed at growing your business, through engagement, brand awareness and driving traffic to sales funnels.

Develop Brand Awareness Through Direct Engagement (Followers / Comments):

Brands that actively engage with their target audience by publishing quality, relevant content through their social media pages win! It’s not just about growing your followers. We look to target users who are truly interested in your products and services. When you focus on genuine customers it’s not just about the numbers. After all, which is better 100,000 followers with 1% engagement or 10,000 followers with +50% engagement? We want to find the advocates so you can improve your bottom-line through; social sharing, word of mouth and direct engagement. Our social media marketing services will grow your followers by targeting the right people who interact, not by bloating your numbers with ghost accounts.

Build Relationships (Engagement):

Engagement builds trust. Trust earns ‘retained profit margin’ and longevity. We create automated and planned systems to promote engagement and a sense of community with your brand. We use quality content, personal engagement and opening teaser offers as trial closes on the road to selling your products and services.

Generating Qualified Web Traffic:

Increasing your website traffic will directly influence leads and sales. We will focus on developing social media advertising campaigns that drive high volumes of traffic to your website. To increase conversions, we can add-on retargeting ads to stay in front of recent website visitors.

Lead Generation:

Let us create an execute campaigns specifically to produce sales, leads, information capture.

Social Media Page Setup Deal

Have you ever done a ‘police check’ on a company you were considering doing business with only to be completely put off by their social media pages? We have too. For a modest investment we can professionally setup all your social pages with quality branded artwork, calls to action, correct details, website links, galleries and cross integration.

Facebook Page Management

We will ensure your content is relevant and posted at the optimum time to be most effective. Furthermore, we can engage with your users via post comments and messenger services. Additionally, we will manage your brand’s reputation via vetting comments and reviews. Lastly, we will share your content across all your social platforms and include all the trending hashtags and influencers.

Facebook Group Management

WGroups are an awesome way to create special insider groups or interest audiences for your brand or products. Well managed groups can be an endless stream of qualified leads and advocates.

Twitter Management

Trend riding is important across all social media platforms and it is essential on Twitter. One well-picked hashtag can leapfrog your twitter account from nowhere to star overnight. Additionally, we create and use lead capture pages, popups and forms to capture details for future marketing. Most importantly, we carry out quality control of your followers which helps to eliminate spam accounts while we target other new followers based on engagement and keyword use to grow your account organically.

Instagram Management

Did you know video and .gifs on average receive less engagement in comparison to images 24:37? However, did you know that 96% of Instagram posts consist of images? The disparity between top image post interactions and low-performance images is so massive that the average interaction figure is actually skewed heavily in favour of images over video. What this means is that on average most businesses posting videos will get a lot more interactions over images on average. It is analysis like this which sets us apart from the usual social marketers who literally just post pretty images and include some generic hashtags.

Snapchat Management

Snapchat is huge and one of the fastest growing social mediums with insanely high engagement rates. We can help strategies and execute a Snapchat marketing campaign tailored for your business.

Medium Management

The Medium website is like a cross between Twitter and a blog. It has become extremely popular with micro-publishers and mobile users who enjoy consuming the smaller volume of content per post. Just like other social platforms it just needs attention and quality content and you can grow a quality stable audience for your business via the microblogging on this highly shareable social platform.

Youtube Management

Youtube has become the second biggest search engine on the planet, with so much content being uploaded in one day it would take several lifetimes to watch it all. Much like Google search, Youtube content can be optimised to rank and produce real bankable profits. Additionally, a video is a great way to demonstrate your products or services and build trust with potential new customers.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a fantastic way to connect with your customer base. Live streams build trust with potential clients, demonstrate your knowledge and give you great content to share across other social media platforms. We work with clients to plan the best live streaming content, work behind the scenes and create the sales

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